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Located in Kernersville, Carolina Athletic Development (CAD) builds a stronger, faster, and healthier client. Over the last decade, CAD has helped hundreds of athletes and active adults reach their personal and life goals of maximizing performance, getting fit, and minimizing injury. CAD’s philosophy is to provide a customized performance and fitness experience that will maximize potential by addressing the body’s key weak links and imbalances so one can function at a higher level, be it on the field or in the office. Carolina Athletic Development uses a thorough assessment and training program consisting of the Functional Movement System and LEVELS training systems. The LEVELS platform is proprietary to CAD. This system determines an individual’s strength, mobility, fitness, and performance in the upper body, core, lower body, and cardiovascular system. It further distinguishes imbalances between left and right and aims to correct the key areas needing help. This is why we are trusted by professional and collegiate athletes and teams. The program also takes into account injury history and pain. Young and older adults improved their strength, learn how to manage aches and pains, become more mobile, and feel better throughout the day. The primary goal in the CAD LEVELS system is to mainain optimal upper body, lower body, and core health and performance ratios. Think of it as keeping the body in the best state of balance as possible.

CAD is unlike other fitness and performance centers. The FMS and LEVELS systems are unique to CAD. CAD also works closely with Pivot Physical Therapy (same location) which gives the opportunity for specialized treatment when needed.

When you train with us you have access to the #1 equipment platform in America (Keiser, Woodway and Powerplate). This platform combined with our training systems and individualized instruction will take your training experience to the next level.

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  • Identify and Correct Faulty Movement Patterns
  • Categorize Body Segments/Systems into Proper LEVELS
  • Develop Athletic Movement Patterns
  • Develop Strength, Conditioning, Speed and Power
  • Injury Prevention
  • Help Athletes Maximize their Potential at all LEVELS
  • Physical and Mental Maturation
Benefits and Uniqueness of the LEVELS SYSTEM
  • Rewarding experience and knowledge to last a lifetime
  • Our program structure and design is second to none!
  • Manage aches and pains on site with Pivot Physical Therapy
  • We deliver a custom plan to meet your needs and goals
  • We have state of the art equipment that produces results
  • We are great at problem solving!
  • We are here to answer your questions