Neurosensory Performance Integrator

Using a 50 inch HD TV and touch screen, the NSI is designed to offer a host of performance procedures to a wide range of users requiring visual or neuro therapy following Concussion, Whip Lash Injuries and Balance Disorders. The NSI is also helpful for those wanting to maximize sport performance.

The NSI is used to help athletes improve hand eye coordination, reaction time, eye tracking and peripheral awareness. The program also cues athletes to improve movement efficiency by providing visual and auditory feedback to optimize response time and improve spatial awareness.

Below are 3 of the programs we typically use for athletes:

Eye Hand / Reaction Time – stimulates multiple pathways in the brain to improve processing speed of reaction time. Average visual reaction time ranges between 200 to 250 milliseconds, for hearing 150-200 milliseconds, and touch 130-170 milliseconds. It’s important to integrate all 3. This system can help integrate these factors to reduce latency and improve decision making.

AV Timing – Audiovisual timing activities that stimulate areas of the brain important for rhythm, sequencing and timing (cerebellum, basal ganglia, auditory cortex, thalamus, supplementary motor area and the pre-motor cortex).

GO-NO-GO – This program provides constant stimulation requiring decision making by discriminating between tasks involving a particular response to a stimulus. Challenges behavior inhibition and rapid decision making.

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